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Reflexology now available at Family Chiropractic!

Registered Reflexology Therapy

Mary-Clara Saunders RCRT

Reflexology is rooted in Traditional Chinese medicine, however in recent years some in the medical community have demonstrated the effectiveness of Reflexology and have created a new evidence based, science based reflexology also known as Nerve Reflexology.

It has been confirmed through more than 20 years of scientific study and research that by applying specific patterns of pressure and massage on specified areas of the foot, that the CNS sends messages through the body to that part, gland or organ affecting a positive change such as decreased inflammation and pain. Not only that, but the positive affect it has ones mental emotional health has been greatly documented as well!

Together Reflexology and Chiropractic care create a super powerful team! By adding Reflexology to their current health care regime or preventative health care practices many have experienced an increase in the positive effects of their spinal adjustments and quickened the recovery time from an accident, illness, chronic condition or a stressful season they were walking through.

After experiencing Reflexology first hand and believing it was “her miracle” Mary-Clara embarked on the journey to become a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist “so other’s would know they didn’t have to suffer like she had for so many years” In October of 2005 she received her RCRT accreditation with the Reflexology Association of Canada. She continued her studies in 2006/2007 learning Chi’n Reflexology which combines foot reflexology, auricular reflexology and the use of acupressure on the meridians of the lower limbs (from the knee to toes) as well as the hands and arms. In 2010 she flew to Halifax to study the Shivago Komarpai Method of Thai Foot Massage. After a long break away from formal study Mary-Clara is looking forward to attending classes this fall to further increase her knowledge and skill.

Regular appointment times are set on Mondays between 10:00am and 8:00pm. To book your session you may call or message Mary-Clara directly at 204-979-4059 or email her at for more information on reflexology feel free to check out Inflicted – Traditional Reflexology on Facebook

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