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Meet Mary-Clara! On site reflexology to help you reach your health goals!

Mary-Clara and her children moved to Niverville in 2013 and quickly fell in love with the town’s friendliness and quiet atmosphere.

Her passion for Reflexology therapy started in 2003 when she first experienced the modality for herself. After suffering with many health complaints for years and was told by conventional medicine that she would “have to live with it” she sought out an unorthodox alternative that changed the direction of her life.

In October of 2005 she became certified in Foot Reflexology and became a member of the Reflexology Association of Canada. A title she still holds today. Since then she has furthered her education to include Chi’n Reflexology which is a combination of auricular reflexology (ear) and meridian work on the hands, arms, lower legs and feet. She also travelled to Halifax in 2010 to learn Thai Foot Massage. The last four years her passion has shifted to learning more about the science based, evidence based reflexology taught in other countries.

“The very first thing I noticed for myself when I was a client in 2003 was the pain I had been living with since my childhood gradually went away with each session. Eventually it never came back. The second thing I noticed was how Reflexology calmed and relaxed me. These two reactions blew me away! I knew I had to learn how to do this so I could help others who had suffered so long, like I had.”

Mary-Clara’s passion as a Reflexology therapist as well as her understanding and compassionate nature is evident to those who meet her. Her positivity and belief in one’s ability to overcome health challenges whether they be physical or mental/emotional is contagious and she would like to spread it to the residents of Niverville and nearby communities.

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