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"I love serving the community of Niverville. During my time here, many people and families have enriched my life by improving their own. It's inspiring to have a family focused practice where I get to watch a whole family get healthier at the same time and continue their journey together. I look forward to helping more people achieve their health goals over the coming years.” 

Dr. Heather McLeod is passionate about the power of Chiropractic - she has seen first-hand how her patients benefit from this all-natural healing therapy. She is inspired by people taking responsibility for their health and is excited to help her patients reach their health goals. She encourages her patients to pursue their optimal health by being an empowering and motivating example. 

Dr. Heather graduated with honours from the University of Winnipeg with a focus in kinesiology in 2001. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern College of Chiropractic with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2007. 

She regularly attends seminars to ensure she is providing the most up to date care for her patients. Her study focuses include nutrition, pediatric care, chiropractic technique, radiology and philosophy.  She has been a featured speaker and has given many health seminars on a number of topics in Winnipeg and Niverville. 

 Dr. Heather is a mother to a sweet little boy and little girl and loves watching them grow. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors through hiking and camping, and moves her body by biking and practicing yoga. She is dedicated to living the life she teaches her patients about every day in her practice.


Trained by some of the brightest minds in the profession, Dr. Karen graduated with academic and clinical honours from Life University in Marietta, Georgia in 2004.  Dr. Karen is eager to help you and your family achieve optimum health by serving an exceptional chiropractic experience. As your chiropractor, her goal is to help you regain and maintain your health in a natural and gentle manner. She will engage you to participate in your recovery by introducing proper habits of good posture, ergonomics, exercise, and diet. This, in addition to regular chiropractic care, will help your body and mind achieve optimum health. With her husband Jeff, and four children, Savannah, Faith, Ian and Isla she loves exploring what this world has to offer.  Camping, hiking, and playing outdoors is a major part of their lifestyle.

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Chiropractic Assistant

Gwen has lived in Niverville for 23 years and is proud to call this community home. She has been a member of the Niverville Family Chiropractic team since 2007!

"I am passionate about Niverville Family Chiropractic and love to see people take control and responsibility of their health. I have seen lives change dramatically through chiropractic care; including my own family, friends and friends that I have made in the office. I am committed to helping all people I meet in the office achieve the best health possible. I also strive to have every person that I meet feel welcome and important. In my spare time, I enjoy kickboxing, music and reading. I also enjoy the outdoors and road trips. Most importantly, I love spending time with my 3 children and 2 grandchildren!!"


Chiropractic Assistant


I am so excited to begin a new chapter in my life with Niverville Family Chiropractic.  To be a part of an awesome team focused on the holistic health of patients is truly an honour.  

In our spare time my husband and I love to travel and spend time with our twin granddaughters.  We live on a heritage farm just outside of Niverville and enjoy gardening and hobby farming.



Reflexology Therapist

“The very first thing I noticed for myself when I was a client in 2003 was the pain I had been living with since my childhood gradually went away with each session.  Eventually it never came back. The second thing I noticed was how Reflexology calmed and relaxed me. These two reactions blew me away! I knew I had to learn how to do this so I could help others who had suffered so long, like I had.”

Mary-Clara and her children moved to Niverville in 2013 and quickly fell in love with the town’s friendliness and quiet atmosphere.

Her passion for Reflexology therapy started in 2003 when she first experienced the modality for herself.  After suffering with many health complaints for years and was told by conventional medicine that she would “have to live with it” she sought out an unorthodox alternative that changed the direction of her life.

In October of 2005 she became certified in Foot Reflexology and became a member of the Reflexology Association of Canada.  A title she still holds today. Since then she has furthered her education to include Chi’n Reflexology which is a combination of auricular reflexology (ear) and meridian work on the hands, arms, lower legs and feet.  She also travelled to Halifax in 2010 to learn Thai Foot Massage. The last four years her passion has shifted to learning more about the science based, evidence based reflexology taught in other countries.

Mary-Clara’s passion for Reflexology, as well as her empathetic and compassionate nature is evident to those who meet her.  Her positivity and belief in one’s ability to overcome health challenges whether they be physical or mental/emotional is contagious. She is honoured to share her healing work with the residents of Niverville and surrounding communities.



Lynley graduated from the University of Manitoba with her Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy in 2013. Since then, she has worked in both public and private physiotherapy practice settings.

After having her first child, Lynley pursued additional training in pelvic health rehabilitation, completing levels 1, 2, and 3. She has special interest in treating women through their pregnancy and postpartum journeys. Lynley also treats all genders for their urinary and bowel dysfunction, post abdominal, gastrointestinal, urological, or gynecological surgeries, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction.

Lynley grew up in a small town in Manitoba. After many years in Winnipeg, Lynley, her husband Riley, and children, Isla and Harvey moved to Niverville to be part of the thriving community. Lynley knew that one day she would provide pelvic health rehabilitation to her community and is excited that now is the time!

In her personal time, Lynley enjoys spending time outside with her family going on walks, bike rides, and tobogganing in the winter. Through dedicated re-training, she has recently rediscovered her love for running and strength training.

Lynley holds a strong belief that our health is multifaceted and that rehabilitation happens when the whole person is considered.




Dr. Lecker has practiced optometry in Manitoba since 1976. At that time, Manitoba had no low vision services available so Dr. Lecker advocated for an optometric/interdisciplinary clinic at CNIB. Over the following 10 years, through his advocacy work, as well as numerous meetings with government and ophthalmology professionals, he was instrumental in the establishment of the optometric clinic still located at CNIB in Winnipeg.  

Dr. Lecker also helps to provide optometric services to people in remote Northern Manitoba communities through part-time practices in Churchill, Fisher River, Paungassi, and Little Grand Rapids. As well, he established an optometric triage service for the people of Lynn Lake, Manitoba nearly 25 years ago. 

Dr Robert Lecker was the recipient of the 2015 Lieutenant Governor iCare Award in Manitoba. 

He has proudly been providing Niverville and surrounding communities with premium vision care for over 40 years! 

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