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We believe that in order to benefit from your chiropractic care with us it is essential to establish a collaborative relationship, where we are both working together towards your health goals.  

Please review the list below to decide if we are a good fit for your wellness journey. 



- Is willing to consider a natural strategy to manage and, overtime resolve their negative health condition(s)

- Believes that it’s possible to resolve health & wellness issues without pharmaceutical drugs and invasive medical interventions 

- Is ready to change their diet to support a healthy lifestyle and achieve desired results

- Understands that health is one’s most precious asset

- Trusts that chiropractic care is a potential solution for long-term prevention and targeted healing


If you are prepared to commit to living a life of health and wellness (even if it means abandoning your current choices and adopting new ones), then we are absolutely a good fit to be part of your healthcare team! We will do everything we can to empower you and help you be an active participant in your wellness journey.


We are honoured that you are considering becoming part of our chiropractic family! 

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